Friday, August 29, 2008

In for a penny, in for a pound....

With everyone being in different locations now, it was time to join the gang and become a blogger. Samantha quickly showed me the basics and added a picture so that I have a slight clue as to how this works. This pic is of Larry and I at Travis and Samantha's wedding. Now Samantha is showing me links. Here is how to get to her blog. And here is Lisa's blog.

I have kept tabs on Lisa and Samantha (loosely-not a cyber stalker here) and hope that I don't bore you guys to death with my ramblings. Will try to post on a somewhat regular basis.

So if you enjoy my musings you have Samantha to thank-and if you hate them you have her to blame-lol. Love all of you.

Mama Bear Suzann

Expect good things from this blog. Samantha does. Her words. No pressure here.

Love ya!

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Schmiddy said...

Digging it - glad you are out here. You have lots to share!