Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fall must be the time for new beginnings

So funny how fall can be a beginning time if you're a kid but be the same old same old as an adult. Well, fall 2008 seems to be different for a lot of the folks I love and care about.

First Samantha and Travis decide to move to Seattle. Samantha with Amazon and Travis in a new role in a Target store close to Seattle. Then Lisa starts her new job as a lawyer with Halleland et al (yes I know there are other names but I forget other than the Halleland and Johnson).

Amanda is still a French and language teacher but gets to stay in one school this year. Larry is in Maple Grove (cheated a little here-he already moved this spring) instead of Elk River. Jessica will be going to grad school soon.

So I am very disappointed that my September "change" will be having surgery on my right heel and achilles tendon. At least I am going to see my folks and family right before. This falling apart piece by piece got old a long time ago. Really sucks eggs. Thank God for books and the kindle!!

Though I am very happy for Samantha and Travis in one way, I am so sad in another. Life never stays still and you shouldn't take for granted that you have someone in your life. I hope they make their way back to Mn. but have thoughts that this is the first of many changes in the family traditions that I have tried hard to keep going over the years.

Samantha wants everyone to come to her place for Easter but realistically someone won't be able to go due to schedules money etc. Thanksgiving and Xmas will never be all of us together again even if Samantha and Trav do come back, as once kids join the mix they will want to have their own home traditions. So 2008 holidays will be the first of many holidays that will not be the old ways.

I tell myself that different is not bad and my head knows this. Just right now my heart feels like it is breaking a little and I remember the card I read stating being a parent is like having your heart walking around outside your body for the rest of your life.

Dad and I tried to give you roots-but also wings. Today I feel like we did a great job-but in a sort of bittersweet way I also feel we were overachievers. One of you flew too far.

Renaisance tomorrow. Should be fun. Take care.


Samantha said...

It's not too far...only a plane ride or phone call away!!

Love you!

Schmiddy said...

Great entry, Mom. You brought tears to my eyes. Glad you are writing - you are good at it. Keep it up if you can!

KM said...

Hi Suzann,
I found your blog from Lisa's blog! You are a fantastic writer! Fall is always bittersweet for me too. Fresh beginnings with new, sweet little faces, but also a long, cold winter ahead!

Keep writing! :)

Luna said...

If you'd like to "adopt" a local couple that's far away from their own families, we could show up for dinner once in a while! :-P My husband even has red hair so he'd make a halfway decent stand-in for Travis! Sort of... kind of... if you squint really hard.

(I found your blog from Samantha's. I'd prefer not to connect my real name to my screen name for privacy reasons, but Samantha can tell you who I am. We have met... I'm not just a wacko stranger!!)

Amanda said...

I am sorry that you have to have surgery. It is hard that I won't be able to help out. I plan to be there the Friday after your surgery, but if you need me to be there earlier, just call. That's what my emergency days are for.

Now remember, if you and Dad get too lonely, there is a townhouse in our complex that is for sale. I know you love the winters here, so it seems like the perfect fit! *grin* Who wouldn't want to live in this tundra? Oh, yeah ... never mind. :)

I love you.

KM said...

your readers are dying for an update!!